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  • Cost
    I don' think I ever lived or worked in a context where cost/money was not taken in consideration somehow. Since a young boy my mom and dad thought me valuable lessons about money, investments and how to track spends. Even to this day when I'm organizing a barbecue with my friends I estimate the cost, search around to get the best offers (without compromising quality) and track the spends to split evenly among us. So, when building the blog of course cost was taken in consideration. To prove my point, …

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  • Time to make something that looks good
    I'm not a designer but I do find Design a fascinating world and of course it has many different specializations just like any field. "UI/UX Design" is the term you will most likely hear in the software development industry and they are an abbreviation for User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) Design. Design Thinking is captivating either and comes next on "industry appearance" but not linked with the context we are trying to talk about here. Today's post is all about making something that is visually pleasant (UI) …

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  • Blog Decisions
    I already spoiled in my first post (Hello World!) about deciding on WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) for this blog and when finishing the KISS and COD post I also mentioned that WordPress was the chosen one after reevaluating Flutter. I think it is now time for us to double click on the decisions/technology/stack/cloud provider and ask a lot of questions because as we discussed in the previous post more questions = Better decisions! Do you see how everything is connected? It is NEVER about tech only! This …

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  • More questions = Better decisions
    May/2022 has been a CRAZY month for me, kids and wife were sick for the major part of the month (luckily I haven't got anything... yet), deadline from the government to fill and submit my income tax forms consuming the majority of my free/non-working hours for multiple days, lots of demand at work and the question floating in my head I knew at one point would come: Should I break the commitment I had on writing at least once a month in this blog? I got all the perfect excuses …

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  • KISS and COD
    Nope, this post is not supposed to talk about how you should program a KISS class for two Cod fish avatars touching their lips in the Metaverse (but let´s not close the door here... seems like a great idea to pursue in the future!). Also I too love the band but nope number [2], we are not here today to talk about Paul Stanley and the KISS band licking the fish. If you came here for those reasons I´m sad to see you go! If you are here to read …

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